About Us


We are committed to taking disadvantaged people that have restrictions and barriers in their lives physically, emotionally, and mentally to a better and stable life of living enabling them to live dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes.


The Vision of The Kingdom Minded Development Center is to offer Home Health Care to those who are in need of care from the following wholehearted perspective. It’s not just a job we are doing it’s a heart felt service that we passionately addressing. Our View is that this is someone’s family just like it could be ours. The name Kingdom Minded captures the vision within its name. Kingdom Minded has Agape love focused objectives at its core. We endeavor to administer care with the same type of compassion that God himself has shown towards us. For he so loved us that he gave, therefore we give service from the love that he has given to us. We purpose that our clients will experience the genuine relationships that we purpose to build along with the best care that one can provide. Where there maybe pain and struggle we purpose to render warmth coupled with joyful care. As we develop, we purpose to give full care to our clients so that they can then focus on other things knowing that their physical wellbeing has been thoroughly addressed. Again, we state this not a vocation for us it’s a service of compassion to the needy. Welcome to Kingdom Minded!!!